How it works

The Core Career Prep Course is 10 sessions over 5 weeks. Each course is a small group led by an instructor with an MBA, JD or other advanced degree and at least 8 years of significant industry experience.

Each session is 90 minutes on site, in addition to personal 1-on-1 sessions with the instructor and weekly IM office hours.

Some of the course workstreams include:

  • Identify how your interests, preferences, and strengths inform potential career paths
  • Explore types of industries, roles and jobs -- expand your pick list
  • Choose the direction that's right for you
  • Translate your experience and interests into your personal narrative (and respond to all those top interview questions)
  • Build your professional social network
  • Develop a personal roadmap

What makes us different

To create truly different results, you need to work in a different way, and from a different point of view. When we set out to redesign the early career transition, we started in a radically different place.

Our approach is grafted from the ones used to design ipods, space shuttle controls and new companies. Some call it design thinking, others call it iterative prototyping. We teach a practical, eyes wide open approach that helps you make choices about the real tradeoffs inherent in every job, and approach your career a series of design decisions you lead.

Unlike books, 2-minute quizzes and 1-hour workshops, we've built an intensive prep course that enables clients to dig into the real work of creating real options. The course includes:

  • A structured framework designed specifically for the early career transition
  • Personal attention to chart your custom career path
  • A collective group experience where you learn not only from the instructor but also from each other
  • Advanced-degree instructors with a high-breadth of work experience who want to see you thrive
  • Hands-on use of professional social networks and online job tools to develop opportunities
  • An online account to manage and track your transition

Don't settle. Do what you love.